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CANARY ISLANDS FILM is the Audiovisual Department of the Canary Islands Government. We are able to supply information about tax incentives, locations, and everything you need for your film production. It is the umbrella Company for all Canary Islands Film Commissions, institutions and audiovisual companies. The Canary Islands offer a 50-45% tax rebate (compatible with an income tax rate of 4%). With an average temerature of 23ºC in Summer and 19º in Winter, amazing landscapes and experienced crews, it is the perfect place for your next shoot.

Discover in every Film Commission everything that the Canary Islands might be able to offer

Reasons for shooting in the Canary Islands


direct deduction for foreign productions

Basic requirements:

• One million euros in expenses in the Canary Islands

• Hire a production company registered in the ICAA and with tax residence in the Canary Islands


deduction for investment in Spanish productions

Basic requirements:

• Obtaining the Certificate of Canary Audiovisual Works

• At least 50% of the basis of deduction must be made in Spain


The best climate in the world

The climate of the Canary Islands is unique and special. Summers are nice and winters are very mild, with an average temperature of 23° C in summer and 19° C in winter.

Therefore, in the Canary Islands you will be able to enjoy outdoor shooting, because its clear skies with low rainfall will allow you to take advantage of the days to the fullest. The brightness of the islands will probably be what most surprises you. A special, unique light, which loves cameras and draws powerful images on the screen. You can learn more about the climate of the Canary Islands in

Thousands of locations just a step away

The volcanic origin of the Canary Islands and the forces of nature have built in a small territory where everything is close and an unusual geography with a variety of extraordinary natural landscapes. From pristine white-sand to lush ancient forests, from dizzying cliffs to rolling dunes by the sea, the islands offer peculiar volcanic landscapes of other worlds or seabeds of incredible visibility.

The hand of man has also helped to turn the Canary Islands into the most extensive catalogue of locations you can imagine: colonial haciendas, picturesque villages, lonely roads, modern European cities, industrial areas, etc. No matter the landscape you’re looking for, you will find in the Canary Islands.

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