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Fiction / Fable
Duration / 29 min’.
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

“Circe’s daylife is quiet on top of a cliff. With a cave dug into the rock as a home and away from everything, she is known in the valley for her solitude mood, her pigs sheepherding and her witchcraft skills.

The Butcher of the nearest town, an uncommunicative young man, visits her for the first time as his ancestors used to do every season to get one of her sacred pigs. In exchange, they give her some gifts and spend the night with her.

One day, the boy, tempted by the proposal of some new foreigners in town,
will break the oath with the woman, by going earlier to the cave.”

Direction / María Abenia Gracia
Screenplay/ María Abenia Gracia
Production company / Tinglado Film
Production / David Baute, Maria Abenia, Veronica Franco
Photography / Mauro Herce
Art / Silvia Navarro
Music / Fabiola Socas
Editing / Manuel Muñoz Rivas
Cast / Petra Mundy, Samuel Cruz


“Visual artist, teacher and film programmer. She first trained in the world of Pedagogy, working as a children and teenagers teacher for almost ten years at schools in the US, Scotland and Spain. She then studied Photography at the Blankpaper School in Madrid, Filmmaking at the ESCAC University and Film Theory and Contemporary Audiovisual Media at the UPF in Barcelona. She coordinated and programmed the special Cine al Cierzo Film Cycle for the Zaragoza Film festival (2016), along with a retrospective in commemoration of the death of Abbas Kiarostami. At present, as well as programming at MiradasDoc (since 2019), she writes and shots her first shortfilm, Circe (2022), filmed entirely in Tenerife, as well as being in the process of writing three feature movies: her first work Lejoscerca (2024), La casa natal es el color primero (2023) by Canarian producer David Baute and Sugar Island (2023) by Dominican director Johanne Gómez, as well as developing her first feature documentary film Futura, La Niebla (2023).”

María Abenia Gracia