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Duration / 13′
2.35 – 4k
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English / French

Lorena is driving at full speed through a winding cost road. She is crying and looks her cell, there’s a timer which has 30 minutes left.

Lorena arrives to a viewpoint close to a cliff where Javier, with who she is getting divorced, is waiting for her. Javier is a city councillor who is being investigated for corruption. Now, his partners wants to get rid of everything and his son’s life is in danger. Or is a trap from Lorena?

Director / Chedey Reyes Rodríguez
Screenplay /
Pedro Rodríguez Carballido
Art /
Miriam Apeles Díaz Díaz
Music /
Gonzalo Díaz Yerro
Sound /
Moisés Sánchez Moreno
Editing / Patricia Canino Acosta
Produced by /
Chedey Reyes Rodríguez
Producer /
Interpreters /
Nayra Ortega, Víctor La Madrid


Chedey Reyes Rodríguez. Director y productor ejecutivo. Graduated in business administration and management. Multimedia Postgraduate in Escuela TAI (Madrid) and cinematography direction in the NY Film Academy (Nueva York). Founder of the production companies Jugoplastika and Machango Studio. Producer in Ánima Estudio. Member of the Audiovisual Canary Cluster board of directors since January 2019.


Chedey Reyes Rodríguez