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Fiction / Comedy
Duration / 15 min’.
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Segundo goes to therapy for the first time. Marta claims she is not one of those people who become therapists in an attempt to understand themselves.

Direction / Pablo Fajardo Juan
Script / Pablo Fajardo Juan
Production Company / Papaya Naranja
Production /Joaquín Caballero Borges, Nayra Plasencia González
Photography / Omar Caballero
Art / Cristóbal González Tabares
Cast / Sigrid Ojel-Jaramillo Miranda, Ignacio Miramón Rodríguez, Lili Quintana, Cristóbal Pinto


“Pablo Fajardo Juan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History, an Undergraduate Degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts and a Master’s Degree in Creativity and TV Scripts. He combines his work as a TV fiction script writer with the production of personal projects. He was awarded the Nuevas Escrituras Canarias prize for his work Al fondo hay ruido.

Regarding his work for the film industry, “El Huido”, winner of the Festival Internacional de Cine Histórico de La Laguna, stands out as his first feature film. He has also written and directed several short films that have received various honorary mentions and awards. His works deal with social or political topics from a comical point view, his characters moving from everyday life situations into unknown terrain. “Life in a second”, his last job, continues in this line of work.”

Pablo Fajardo Juan