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Fiction / Film Noir, Horror, Suspense
Duration / 4 min’.
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

“As night falls, someone looks out over the city. Lights flicker, people go home and a tram passes by until in a frame life stops.”

Director / Manuel Román Sierra
Script / Elisa Isabel Herrera González, Manuel Román Sierra
Photography / Manuel Román Sierra
Editing / Manuel Román Sierra


Based in Madrid and Tenerife, this filmmaker from Algeciras has taught film language and editing for 14 years. He combines his work as a teacher with film and television projects. He has also worked as an editor on multi-award-winning short films. He co-wrote the feature film “De ciervos y otros animales muertos” for the production company La Página en Blanco and made the leap to directing with the medium-length film “Jota”.

Manuel Román Sierra