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Duratio / 03:35′
Language: Spanish / Latín
Subtitles: English / French

11:45 de la mañana. Tres párrocos esperan la llegada de los familiares de Don Antonio para celebrar la misa. Todo parece ir dentro de lo normal hasta que algo cae del cielo.

Direction, Script, Sound and Production / Sergio Gerson Ramos
Photography, Editing and Postproduction / Vasni J. Ramos
Aux. by Photography / Elioenai Acosta
Makeup / Alexandra Morales
Interpreters / Lamberto Guerra, Borja Teixeira, Nacho Peña, Carla Hernández


A multitasking worker within the audiovisual industry in the Canary Islands, Sergio wrote the script for the mini Web series “Paul Kersey & White Chocolate Vs The Kung Fu Robotic Mafia” of which he was also its co-star.

In 2017, together with Jose J. Ramallo and his brother Vasni J. Ramos, he wrote the script for the feature film “Apocalypse Voodoo”, of which he also acts as co-executive producer and main co-star.

In 2019 he wrote the plot of the feature film Holocausto Vampiro, a project under development.

Director of the short film “La Nueva Hermandad” (2019), awarded at the San Rafael en Corto Festival within its list of honors as one of the most outstanding short films, and selected in many festivals.

He currently works as a creative and producer in the production company “The Kung Fu Brothers” and “Lauder Creativa” agency.

Sergio Gerson Ramos