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Spain / Amsterdam
Duration / 10′
Color – 16:9 HD 1920×1080
Language: Non-dialogue

Irreal is inspired by the distortion of reality felt by Javier Estupiñán, when suffering from a migraine. This is a dark but also calm and beautiful journey to a world in which the unreal (irreal in Spanish) is deeply intertwined with the sensory perceptions.

Written and directed by / Javier Estupiñán
Music / Javier Estupiñán
Editing / Javier Estupiñán
Produced by / Javier Estupiñán


Javier Estupiñán (1990, Gran Canaria) is an audiovisual artist with a background in Education and Communication. Nowadays, he is working in Amsterdam mainly as a producer, collaborating in diverse audiovisual and photography projects. Meanwhile he is developing his own Art Residency, that will take place in Gran Canaria in May 2022.

For the first project of this Residency, which is supported by the European program i-Portunus Houses,

he has invited 3 international artists (United Kingdom, Slovenia and Ukraine) to stay in Gran Canaria.

Estupiñán has also worked as a filmmaker, producer, editor and writer in Madrid and Berlin and was selected by the art gallery Yermilov Centre and Kharkiv National University (Ukraine) to be a part of Residents of the Universe, an art project in which he made his movie “With Time and Love Knowledge Grows”.

As an artist, he is normally involved in all elements of his movies, which usually portray his emotions and memories, and also composes the original music.

Javier Estupiñán